Ethics Code

Career Aspirations

  • I will join and actively participate in not just any company or organization, but one which aligns with my personal values and beliefs
  • I will be dedicated to my company or organization and my fellow coworkers by celebrating our achievements together and working to advance the areas where improvements are needed
  • I will immerse myself in the world of journalism, public relations, and the development of technologies in order to adapt to new developments and be a leader in my occupational field


  • I will be dedicated to informing the public with news worthy stories that are honest, accurate, and precise
  • I will verify all facts that I receive and be sure that the information does not violate any journalism laws

Public Relations Practitioner

  • I will be dedicated to my clients by forming and maintaining positive relations with them
  • I will be sure to keep a two-way communication open between my company or organization, our clients, and our audience to ensure everyone can feel involved
  • I will continuously research information to obtain the most current and accurate data related to the public relations field and specifically for my company or organization





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